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about sdfti

About San Diego Flight Training International

About San Diego Flight Training International

Welcome to San Diego Flight Training International located in beautiful Southern California. SDFTI is a certified & approved 141 school with flight test examination authority and has been graduating professional pilots since 1989.

SDFTI has helped hundreds of ambitious pilots meet their professional flight training goals with a spotless safety record. We look forward to helping you do the same.

We offer an outstanding atmosphere to complete your aviation training and Montgomery Field (San Diego) enjoys more than 350 flight training days a year on average due to its excellent weather. San Diego also boasts a warm and dry climate, beautiful beaches, and tourist attractions in a safe and casual environment. The controlled air traffic system and a mixture of long white ocean beaches, colorful deserts and rugged snow-capped mountains in the area make San Diego the most ideal and beautiful aviation training location in the country.

Some of the Features & Benefits of SDFTI


Established in 1989.

Thousands of graduated pilots, hundreds current in pilot career positions

FAA Part 141 instruction.

A structured and efficient curriculum

Official Cessna Pilot Center selected

Efficient, effective, safe, and structured training system

FAA Examining Authority.

Saves time and maximizes your competitive advantage

Chief Pilot & Assistant Chief Pilot in addition to 12 Certified Flight Instructors.

More than 18,000 hours of instruction experience

Meets or exceeds all FAA required inspections

A safe and structured environment in which to learn


15-aircraft school-operated fleet.

1- Cessna 152

10- Cessna 172R's

1- FlyIt Professional Simulator

2- Piper Arrow  III's (Complex single)

1- Piper Seneca (Multi-Engine)


Reliable and available aircraft resources

FAA “Inspection Authority” certified Chief Mechanic.

More up-time - timely government-approved maintenance procedures & oversight

Flyit® Professional Simulator - Advanced Ground Training Device

The latest technology that saves $100s and improves safety as you build and log flight hours. In fact for students enrolled in a training course at SDFTI the Fly-It simulator can be flown at no charge, you only pay for the flight instructor.

Renting Aircraft

We do not rent aircraft as a general rule.


On-line dispatch/reservation system.

24 hour easy access to instructors and aircraft from anywhere with a computer

DVD/Computer-based multimedia training system and syllabus

Minimizes time, resource, and money towards private, instrument, and commercial

All FAA Airmen written exams and LaserGrade testing center

The convenience of one stop service and training


The “Southern California flight experience”

Noted for favorable year-round training conditions -- Regular seasonal night and morning cloud layer provides optimal iFR training conditions for VFR students.
Affords the opportunity to experience instrument approaches in actual conditions

One of only two “Tower Enroute” areas in the United States

Just one of the unique aviation experiences to enhance your resume

Complex airspace with four additional area airports

Creates an ideal training environment and the confidence to handle real-life
flying challenges