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Air Direct Academy

Air Direct Academy

The Airline Direct Academy™ is a full-time professional pilot training institution based in San Diego at SDFTI.

There are two comprehensive programs (see links below) based on your specific career goals. These are designed for students who are new to flight training with a special option for those who have already completed their Private Pilot Certificate training.

Students enjoy individual attention with limited class sizes. The career-focused campus includes a modern training fleet of owner operated and maintained aircraft that includes the Garmin® G1000®-equipped glass flightdeck Cessna 172's.

Academy students get priority placement for progress checks, check rides, and daily aircraft operations. Academy students also get a special reduced rate on M-model planes for time building and complimentary entry into all special written test preparation ground school seminars. We can also provide:

  • Financial aid
  • Job placement
  • Housing assistance
  • College credit

This is an outstanding place to complete your aviation training. Montgomery Field enables more than 350 flight training days a year on average. San Diego also boasts a warm and dry climate, beautiful beaches, and tourist attractions in a safe and casual environment. The controlled air traffic system and a mixture of long white ocean beaches, colorful deserts and rugged snow capped mountains in the areas make San Diego the most ideal aviation training locations in the country.

Since 1989, SDFTI has helped hundreds of ambitious pilots meet their professional flight training goals with a spotless safety record. We look forward to helping you do the same.

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