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I am a Seventh day Adventist Christian and also a medical Missionary in the Philippines since 2011 who decided to come to America to get my Pilot training (PPL and IR) to go back to the Philippines and volunteer as a Missionary pilot. I have searched through the whole America for 2yrs looking for a school that would change my status from tourist to a student and upon a visit to San Diego I google flight school near me and SDFTI was 18miles away and top of the list, to be honest I called in first and I spoke to the President who answered the phone ( the norm). The school caught my attention because of the word “International” I was not surprised at all with the outcome. I was scheduled for a meeting with the president in 5 mins of our phone call. I went in and guess what my status was changed, I was enrolled and I started my training in less than 1 month after that visit. I did read the reviews on google earth and I found it to be a LIE that this school is ripping off the foreign students. Of all the shool’s I applied to this one was the cheapest. Since I have been studying here I have no regrets at all. The instructors do work as a team, they all function as one inspite of their individuality. I am originally from Jamaica and most of the staff and students have visited my country so it was so easy to get along with everyone there. They always have time to listen to your individual needs. My religion never gets in the way of others at all, the respect is seen and felt. We are a family, president is very very humble, flexible and downright caring if you ask me. I can hang out with the mechanic at the maintenance hanger anytime and always learn whats going on with our airplanes. The planes are not perfect but trust me they are in tip top shape 98% of the time and if anything goes wrong we always have our mechanic a call away. I love my school. I find no fault with this school, all my challenges is always on my part (financially, getting the hang of flying, etc) I look forward to finishing up my training as soon as possible and I will always remember my first day at this school. Its hard to be late when you always get a text and an email of EACH schedule class be it flight or grounds. This school is perfect for all those who value their lives enough to want a safe, family oriented learning environment. From finding housing to enrollment to finishing your training SDFTI is not a flight school for you, its a family of aviators that you have not met as yet but we are looking forward to meeting you. Come and join us

Davin Bennett

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