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Career Direct Program

Career Direct Program

While you can always train one-on-one with our pool of staff instructors, you might enjoy the advantages of the SDFTI Airline Direct Academy Career Direct Program which offers a complete primary aviation education in approximately just 29 weeks.

Classes are forming now. Class sizes are limited to 10 students. Please contact the admissions department to secure your seat.

With the Career Direct Program you can earn a Private Pilot Certificate (License), Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, and Multiengine Rating in approximately 29 weeks. This course includes the following hours of instruction:

  • Directed Ground Study [ 112 Hours]
  • Pre/Post Flight - Ground Instruction [ 90 Hours ]
  • Knowledge Test Preparation Ground Instruction [ 48 Hours ]
  • Dual Cessna 172 Flight Time [ 77.5 Hours ]
  • Dual Piper Arrow Flight Time [10 Hours]
  • Dual Twin Engine Flight Time [15 Hours]
  • Solo Cessna 172 Flight Time [ 80 Hours ]
  • Solo Piper Arrow Flight Time [ 5 Hours ]
  • Dual Advanced Flight Training Device (Simulator) [ 22.5 Hours ]
  • Private, Instrument, G1000, and Commercial Pilot Training Kits
  • Private, Instrument and Commercial Knowledge Test Examinations
  • Private, Instrument, Commercial and Multiengine Practical Examinations

Total Ground Instruction: 250 Hours
Total Flight Instruction: 210 Hours
Note: The listed hours of ground and flight instruction meet or exceed FAA regulations. It must be understood that all students do not learn at the same pace, therefore it is possible that some students may exceed the listed hours in order to complete their aviation objective.

International students are welcome.

Other course costs NOT included:
- Housing (We are happy to help you locate accommodations.)
- Academy Student Uniforms

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