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San Diego is really a special place

I just looked outside and there is not a cloud in the sky,  airplanes are landing and taking off an such a beautiful afternoon for fight training.  I can not imagine a better place in the USA to do flight training in the fall and winter months.

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If your are a future foreign flight student, your time to train is right now

Hello foreign students,  how would like to spend the winter in San Diego, California, where the weather is about as good as it gets in USA. So if you want to advance in your flight career, where your aviation dreams, become your aviation reality,  contact San Diego

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Fleet Week Comes to San Diego

Those of us, in and around San Diego are  in store for a real treat.  Fleet Week has arrived, here is a partial list of events. Fleet Week Sea & Air Parade 14 October 2017 Ship Tours / Military Displays 13-15  October 2017 Please go onto

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