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College Credit

College Credit

SDFTI and the Airline Direct Academy have an alliance with a variety of universities and colleges to provide you with education credits when you complete your flight training courses.

A significant number of airlines now require at least an Associates degree to get a position on the flight deck. You can give yourself a competitive advantage by earning a degree while you get your flight training and these institutions can help by granting you credit for the certificates and ratings you earn.

The process is easy. When you have completed your flight training courses, apply and enroll with one of these partners, and then "challenge" your flight training for the credit each offers. Each institution has its own procedures. We will help you find the program the best fits your objectives.

  Mountain State University* Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Private 6 m
Instrument 8 m
Commercial 11 m
MultiEngine 3 33
CFI – CFII- MEI 16 1
TOTAL 44 34


*Partnership through Cessna Pilot Center affiliation.