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Flight Instruction

Your decision to choose a flight school is an important step and recent surveys demonstrate that a critical difference for experienced students is the style and quality of instruction available. This is the area in which SDFTI scored highest in a recent independent marketing survey.

Each course has a syllabus that has been developed to move you through as efficiently as possible with an emphasis on structure, safety and quality.

Our graduates are extremely successful in accomplishing their goals. Nearly 100% pass their written tests on the first try and more than 80% pass their practical flight test with just one try.

You can find additional information in the section tied to your specific direction whether you are career oriented, non-career oriented (looking to fly privately for your business and pleasure), or you are coming from an international location.

I-20 Authorized

San Diego Flight Training International has authority to issue I-20's which allow students to obtain an student (M-1) Visa through their respective embassy to enter the United States for flight training.  This will allow foreign nationals to get an M1 VISA and then begin their flight training in the USA.   Please note that nonresident aliens can only train at schools that are I-20 authorized. Failure to adhere to this policy can lead to deportation.

We also accept transfers of nonresident aliens who are training at other I-20 approved and authorized flight schools.  This is a very easy process and when done correctly will have very little impact on your training..


VA Approved

Another advantage to SDFTI is that as a Part 141 flight school we are qualified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to provide qualified veterans flight training under Chapter 30, 33 and the 2011 flight authorization act. 

We take care take care of completing the monthly submission documentation to the VA so it is as easy for you as signing your paperwork.

Read additional information here.
Complete the VA Form 22-1990 online at the VA site by clicking here.


SDFTI and the Airline Direct Academy qualify you for Veterans Administration benefits for any of your post private flight training.

VA Benefits