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Your decision to choose a flight school is an important step. Our admissions department is available to help you sort through the options. Surveys demonstrate that a critical difference for experienced students is the style and quality of instruction available. This is the area in which SDFTI scored highest in an independent marketing survey.

Depending on your goals and English proficiency, there are two training routes you can take. You may select a self-paced One-on-One Pilot Training program through San Diego Flight Training International's (SDFTI) Career Direct program and start at any time or join the Airline Direct Academy™ which requires you to be scheduled five days a week by our staff on accelerated basis to reach your goal of being a professional commercial pilot.

SDFTI is available for training seven days a week with flight operations available around the clock, however, private pilot students must begin training during daylight hours. The schools is officially closed just three days a year although some instuctors will take students 365 days a year.

The Airline Direct Academy programs can be discussed by contacting our admissions office.

Regardless of the style of training that fits your needs, each uses the same FAA approved and monitored courses. Each course has a syllabus that has been developed to move you through as efficiently as possible with an emphasis on structure, safety, and quality.

Our graduates are extremely successful in accomplishing their goals. Nearly 100% pass their written tests on the first try and more than 80% pass their practical flight test with just one try.

Soon you will be able to review our on-demand On-Line Seminars and get an overview of the SDFTI courses and Airline Direct Academy programs.

Please click through the pages of this international student section for additional information or contact us by phone, fax, email, or through the contact SDFTI form.

* Special academy program can be started on the off months (September, October, December, January, March, April, June, July) when there are at least six students interested with funds on account and immigration documents in place.