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Media Library No. 1:
The “Flight Training QnA” Video Series.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: Your input counts! You requested more video content and you also want answers to your questions about aviation from a source that you can trust. We listened and found a way to give you both of the things that you said you want in one package: Flight Training QnA Videos! Produced by SDFTI just for you by a professional production studio! You submit the questions and we give you the answers…. 

    Video 1: Eyesight QnA 

Q: My eyesight isn’t the greatest… will that disqualify me?

A: If you have to wear your glasses or contacts to pass the eye test then you… Click Here To Play Video Now

    Video 2: Lesson QnA 

Q: My question is about scheduling… how long is each lesson?

A: Lessons are comprised of a variety of activities. In some cases your instructor can help you with a workable plan. As a rule each lesson lasts….
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    Video 3: Lesson QnA 

Q: I wonder about the tests…. how hard is the book work?

A: There is a bit of book work involved but here is the cool part: Your instructor has had to pass all the same material that you will be learning….
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