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Medical Requirements

Medical Requirements

Before your first solo, you must have a medical certificate from an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).  It is recommended that you obtain your medical certificate prior to beginning flight training but not required. SDFTI will assist you in this process.

the process is simple:

1. Locate an AME or your choosing. (This link searches by county)

  • Contact the AME and schedule an appointment.
  • Undergo the physical examination tied to the medical certificate you need.

There a three classes of certificates. A Class 3 medical certificate is required for both a Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument rating. A Class 2 certificate is required in order to receive a Commercial Pilot's Certificate. A Class 1 medical certificate is required in order to become an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).

  • If you meet the appropriate medical standards the AME will issue you a medical certificate.