San Diego Flight Training International

why choose sdfti?



Professional Aircraft AFTD or Advanced Flight Training Device 

To give you every competitive advantage possible, SDFTI and the Airline Direct Academy center has invested in the FAA approved FLYIT Professional Airplane Simulator, an advanced ground training device which meets FAA Level 4 FTD requirements.  By Jan/Feb. 2015 our simulator will receive extensive upgrades and visual enhancements. 

FAA regulations allows you to log half of the Instrument Rating minimum flight hours in an AFTD. The FlyIt Simulator utilizes the most advanced technology available.

  • Save $$$$
  • Increases pilot confidence as you develop significant new instrument flying skills before entering the actual airplane.
  • Maximizes instruction efficiency as up to 20 approaches can be done in one hour with various crosswinds, turbulence and weather conditions.

The FLYIT Professional Airplane Simulator is computer based and includes a soft instrument panel. This allows upgrading of capability and aircraft through simple software changes. Every type of approach can be flown from any position over and over again until it is perfect using a full or partial panel.