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There are two tests that must be passed in order to receive each FAA Certificate and Rating: a written test (FAA Knowledge Test) and a flying test (FAA Practical Test).

The FAA Pilot written test consists of multiple choice questions and is based upon the rating being sought and is taken on a computer. SDFTI operates the FAA LaserGrade written test center in the City of San Diego. Written tests can be arranged directly through LaserGrade or on a walk-in basis at the school during normal business hours.

The practical test is more often referred to as an FAA Check Ride. This is the last stage of your course. There are two portions you must pass. The oral exam is a complete review of your ground knowledge. The flight is your chance to demonstrate flying proficiency to the FAA examiner. You will be taken through the maneuvers learned during the course and outlined in the FAR's and in your training syllabus.

SDFTI, in addition to being a structured FAA authorized Part 141 air agency or pilot school, the school has the special distinction for having earned flight test examining authority from the FAA. This gives our Chief Pilot the ability to administer your FAA Check Ride for a Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot Certification. This designation takes years to earn and is reviewed yearly by the San Diego Flight Standards District Office. Where typically an FAA designated examiner can take weeks to schedule, this dedicated resource allows us to get qualified candidates completed in a shorter amount of time.