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Time Example Requirements

Time Example - Private Pilot Certificate

The most frequently asked questions are "HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE"

These are two great questions. Because there are so many variables, they are best answered one-on-one. However, here are a few simple facts.

1. FREQUENCY TO TIME TO MONEY The more frequently you train, the more information you retain, the faster your flying skills develop and the faster you get through your training. 

"Remember that time is money."—Benjamin Franklin

2. EVERYONE LEARNS DIFFERENTLY While your course syllabi dictate the structure of your lessons and the order in which they are given to maximize your learning efficiency, your proficiency and comfort may dictate that some lessons should be repeated. Safety and mastery will be our guide.


The Federal Aviation Regulations dictate that the minimum flight hours to complete a Private is 35 hours. The national average is double that to 74 hours of flight time. Here, the average is approximately 54 hours; a significant saving of both time and money.

Full-time students (taking four to five lessons a week) will finish their Private Pilot Certificate training in approximately eight weeks. Some people are able to get in the occasional two lessons in a one day which makes this level of training practical for almost anyone.

This same student can compete their Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine, CFI, CFII and MEI in 43 weeks (10 months).


Time Example—Airline Direct Program

Please tell us how far you would like to go and how many times a week you want to train; we can help you determine how long your training program will take.