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VA Benefits

VA  Benefits/College Programs
Chapter 33 

VA Flight Training Programs for qualified veterans of the armed forces are available at San Diego Flight Training International.  Training courses offered include the Instrument rating, Commercial certificate, Multi-Engine rating, ATP certificate (written exam completed) and all three levels of the Certified Flight Instructor ratings.

The VA will not fund the Private Pilot Rating unless you are enrolled in a college degree programSee below for more information.

Once the VA applicant receives their VA Certificate of Eligibility and have their First or Second Class FAA Medical, veterans can commence their flight training in the non-college program.  

Eligible veterans may also choose to enroll in our fully accredited college degree program.  SDFTI is partnered with a local university and once enrolled veterans are eligible to begin flight training after completion of one academic semester.  The college degree program begins with the Private Pilot program and continues throught the Commercial Pilot rating.  The college degree program is  fully funded by the VA and provides for a monthly living allowance once enrolled.  

If your are a former or current member of the armed forces and are eligible for VA benefits give us a call at 858.569.1822 for more detailed information.

Chapter 30 veterans need to call the school for additional information since this program differs for those with Chapter 33.