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Commercial Pilot Training

The Commercial Certification Course – Single Engine is for those students who require commercial pilot privileges in single engine aircraft only.

Applicant will receive 120 hours of flight training as follows; (Dual 40 hrs. non-complex, Dual 10 hrs. complex, Solo 5 hrs. complex. Solo 65 hrs. non-complex and 65 hours of classroom instruction (Directed Study 35 – Ground Instruction 30).

Ground school instruction includes preflight preparation and procedures; complex aircraft procedures; complex aircraft systems; advanced multiengine aerodynamics; airplane performance limitations; Federal Aviation Regulations; stall awareness; aeronautical charts and publications; radio aids to VFR navigation; meteorology and weather data services; national airspace system; radio communications; air traffic control; aero medical factors; commercial operations; passenger and freight loading; night maneuvers; and ground operations.

Flight training syllabus includes preflight procedures; airport operations; maximum performance takeoffs and landings; maximum performance flight maneuvers; ground reference maneuvers; navigation and cross country flying; slow flight and stalls; complex aircraft operation; commercial flight maneuvers; emergency procedures; night operations; and postflight briefing.

* San Diego Flight Training International does not guarantee that students will satisfactorily complete their selected course of training in the minimum hours described. In addition, San Diego Flight Training International reserves the right to institute a fuel surcharge due to the volatility of aviation fuel prices. Monies paid to other entities for living expenses, flight check-rides or additional training hours are not included. It is the policy of San Diego Flight Training International Inc. not to allow passengers in our aircraft or request an end of course check-ride until the pilot applicant has demonstrated the proficiency and satisfactory skills required as outlined in the FAA Practical Test Standards for that particular course of training.

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