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Flight Instructor Certificate

Flight Instructor Certificate


CFI-Certified Flight Instructor

The Certified Flight Instructor Certification Course qualifies you to instruct in single engine aircraft. This course of training is a highly structured and comprehensively designed to prepare commercial pilots for their role as flight instructors.

Applicant will receive 15 hours of flight training (Dual 10 hrs. non-complex – Dual 5 hrs. complex) and 130 hours of classroom instruction (Directed Study 90 – Ground Instruction 40)
Ground school training includes all of the subject areas included in the Private and Commercial program including; the learning process; elements of effective teaching; student evaluation; course development; lesson planning; psychology of learning; night training techniques; classroom instruction techniques; maintaining student records; and authorizations and limitations.

Flight training syllabus includes performance and analysis of standard training procedures and maneuvers as outlined in the relevant FAA Practical Test Standards; stall awareness; spin entry; spin recovery techniques; preparation of student plans; evaluation of student flight performance; effective preflight and post flight instruction; analysis and correction of common student pilot flight errors; and flight instructor responsibilities.

* San Diego Flight Training International does not guarantee that students will satisfactorily complete their selected course of training in the minimum hours described. In addition, San Diego Flight Training International reserves the right to institute a fuel surcharge due to the volatility of aviation fuel prices. Monies paid to other entities for living expenses, flight check-rides or additional training hours are not included. It is the policy of San Diego Flight Training International Inc. not to allow passengers in our aircraft or request an end of course check-ride until the pilot applicant has demonstrated the proficiency and satisfactory skills required as outlined in the FAA Practical Test Standards for that particular course of training.

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