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I found this school to be extremely helpful not to mention they have every licenses and certifications available to get you in the airlines. You’re going to spend money, don’t complain about it. It takes time and work and money. It will not be free. Remember that you’re doing this as a profession. You would pay triple if not more in the medical field! The staff is exceptional and willing to help you if you want it. The program itself has a good foundation for growing within the industry.

If they don’t feel comfortable in moving forward in certain exams because of flying it’s not to waste your money, it’s simply for safety and everyone else’s. You’re flying an aircraft into the sky, if you can’t perfect it alone why would you move forward in flying up to 250 people in commercial. Be more realistic in the things you think about. Also build tougher skin. Need to be able to handle constructive criticism, it isn’t to make you cry but only to build you into a better version of yourself. This is is a great business! If it’s your passion to fly, they have all the tools you need and more to make it happen!

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