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Instrument Flight Instructor Certificate

Instrument Flight Instructor Training


CFII-Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

The Instrument Flight Instructor Certification Course is the ultimate asset as an instructor. It offers another source of income and increases your professionalism. Development of the skills and other tools are necessary to effectively instruct students seeking an instrument rating.

Applicant will receive 15 hours of flight training (Dual 10 hrs. non-complex – Dual 5 hrs. advanced flight training device [simulator]) and 40 hours of classroom instruction (Directed Study 25 – Ground Instruction 15)

Ground school training includes preflight preparation and procedures; aircraft systems related to IFR operations; meteorology; aircraft flight instruments and navigation equipment principals of operation; air traffic control clearances and procedures; holding procedures; flight planning and the IFR environment; IFR charts and publications; flight by reference to instruments; electronic navigation aids including VOR, NDB, DME; instrument approach procedures including VOR, NDB, ILS, GPS, LOC; emergency operations; advanced navigation systems including RNAV; and postflight procedures.
Flight training syllabus includes performance and analysis standard training procedures and maneuvers; effective analysis of correction of common student flight errors; flight instructor responsibilities; and certifying procedures.

* San Diego Flight Training International does not guarantee that students will satisfactorily complete their selected course of training in the minimum hours described. In addition, San Diego Flight Training International reserves the right to institute a fuel surcharge due to the volatility of aviation fuel prices. Monies paid to other entities for living expenses, flight check-rides or additional training hours are not included. It is the policy of San Diego Flight Training International Inc. not to allow passengers in our aircraft or request an end of course check-ride until the pilot applicant has demonstrated the proficiency and satisfactory skills required as outlined in the FAA Practical Test Standards for that particular course of training.

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